Police charge alleged creator of Facebook hate page aimed at murder victim

Por Jorja Orreal, July 22, 2010 6:37PM

THE woman believed to have created an abusive Facebook hate page aimed at 22-year-old Sunshine Coast murder victim Justine Jones was today charged by Gympie detectives.

The 22-year-old local woman was charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend in relation to alleged postings on Internet sites and social networking sites around July 17 – an offence punishable by up to three years imprisonment.

The body of Justine Jones, 22, was discovered at Nambour Refuse Tip after she was reported missing from Alexandra. Headlands. Pic: Supplied Source: Supplied

She is due to appear in Gympie Magistrates Court on August 2.

The woman, who is believed to have used the fake name Wendy Woods, allegedly boasted online about her “achievement” of having the Justine Jones hate page mentioned in the media, and described herself as a “troll”, a person who defaces internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families and is connected with a group of other trolls who cause havoc on memorial websites.

“Got a story in the local newspaper today… They even mentioned my name… Wendy Woods… I was so proud all my hard work has paid off,” she said online.

She said she would keep the newspaper clipping “to show my children when they grow up” and was happy because she had “created so much rage… I am proud”.

And in another post she said: “Being annoying does not = win… causing hurt to greiving (sic) familys (sic) = win”.

It was reported the woman had links to Bradley Paul Hampson, 29, who is in police custody after being charged with defacing Facebook tribute pages to child murder victims Elliot Fletcher and Trinity Bates.

Earlier this week the woman said she was not scared of prosecution because “the Queensland police don’t have a leg to stand on”.

“I really don’t give a f*** if I’m exposed, I’d be quite happy to go down to the police station for this… I would give em a peace (sic) of my mind,” she said.

On a legitimate Justine Jones memorial site created by her family, Kylie Jane Mai Garland wrote: «Jessica Cook (Wendy Woods) is being charged right low life dog i told you you cant hind behind the computer for to long».

Alix Louise Saidy-Hennessey wrote: «I’m glad to see they have found this so called Wendy Woods’.

«She was so over confident that she would never be caught, So confident that what she was doing was «fine» and she would never get in trouble for it. Silly silly heartless girl. Congratulations to the police finding her.. im sure it wasnt an easy job to track her down through the internet.»

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