Bruno Bresani en el Experimental Event en Finlandia


The Experimental Event is a cross-disciplinary Autumn festival organized by the Pori unit of the Department of Art of Aalto-university School of Art, Design and Architecture. The epicenter of the third Experimental Event is the Pori Puuvilla area, more specifically its Generator gallery and a space called Kuppila, that is located in the building of Café Solo.

What does it mean to experiment in arts and theory? One object of the event is to question the boundaries of the two, and to encourage people to  explore and surpass their limits. A lecture is a performance and an installation, a screening is a talk. Non-finished work as virtue, writing as an act

Mitä kokeellisuus tarkoittaa? Tapahtuma pyrkii kyseenalaistamaan taiteen ja teorian erottelua ja kannustaa etsimään ja ylittämään tekemisen rajoja. Luento on performatiivinen installaatio, videoesitys tapahtuma puheineen. Keskeneräisyys hyveenä, kirjoitus eleenä;

thursday the 24th from 1 pm to 9 pm

friday the 25th from 11 am to 2 pm (presentations and a panel discussion)

location: porin puuvilla


WARM UP: WEDNESDAY the 23th of October 

14.00 Andrea Coyotzi BorjaThe Question of being (Sound installation), location: water tower of  the cotton factory (Porin Puuvilla), meeting place: the green door next to the class 3001 on third floor

17.00 Yet-unnamed explorations (facilitator: John W. Fail), location: Shell of Karjaranta

THURSDAY the 24th of October

13.00 Kuppila: short films ( En esta sección se presenta el video de Bruno Bresani Soy.

15.00 Generator gallery: exhibition and performances

            15.00 Opening words, Pia Euro

            15.30 musti camillethere’s nothing here (performance)

            16.00 Dingos in Quest: Structure of accidents (in situ sonic exploration)

            16.30 Custodians of Being: performance

            + Raisa Foster: on going performance

In exhibition

Melinda AbercrombieinstallationMiia Autioinstallation, Tuula Bergqvistinstallation, Aleksi JalonenParasite (installation), Lotta KallioStill absent (installation), Maija Kujaneninstallation, Mario Martínez FonsecaFishing with dynamite (installation), Dana Neilsoninstallation, Eva Pavlič Seifertinstallation, Anne SalmelaMy imaginary friends – the dead ones. Virtuality meets mortality (installation), Tuomo Savolaineninstallation, Annu WileniusKaappi, kala ja tuoli: Pori-ikebana (installation), Heini Ylijokilight installation

17.00 Kuppila: bread – coffee – exhibition

18.00 Kuppila: presentations/talks/performances

             18.00 Tero Nauha: Faciality (experiment)

             18.45 John W. Fail: Experiences from the ”Yet-unnamed Explorations

             19.00 Brains on Art

             19.45 Vappu Jalonen: Stained black mirror

             20.00 Pinja MustajokiAbout shooting

             20.15 Max Ryynänen:                                                                                                                                        A Critique of Max Ryynänen’s performance in the Experimental Event 2013

             20.30 DJ Klenka

+ snacks and drinks

In exhibition

An AnonymousinstallationBrains on ArtBrain Poetry (interactive installation), Farbod FakharzadehThree rooms (installation), Niilo RinneSoftware for the Self (installation), Pia Euroinstallation, Anna Yaarkilli (Kokeellisten taiteiden nomadinen akatemia, i.a.), Tanja Koponeninstallation, Harri Laakso: installation

Outside: Dana Neilson,Farbod Fakharzadeh & Andrea Coyotzi Borja: video installation

FRIDAY the 25th of October

11.00–14.00 Kuppila: presentations and panel discussion

           11.00 Anna JensenEliisa Suvanto & Anni Venäläinen:                                                                             Slow in Pace or Movement (presentation)

           11.15 Leena Kuumola

           11.30 Olli PyyhtinenExperimenting with Materials: Technique, Skill and the                                                                      Invention of the Human (presentation)

           11.45 Taina RajantiGeometry of the Multitude (presentation)

12.00 Coffee

           12.15 – 14.00 Experimental Space, panel discussion moderated by John W. Fail


Bruno Bresani


Soy mía, soy mía, y no de quien quiera, esas son las voces de autodeterminación, sin importar la raza o lengua, soy mi madre, mi hija, mi hermana, mi niña, todas son una, soy mía, soy mía y no de quien quiera.

I am myself, I am myself, not anyone who wants, these are the voices of self-determination, regardless of race or language, I am my mother, my daughter, my sister, my girl, are all one, I am myself, and I’m not mine for whoever.