Hidden in Plain Sight- Lara Stapleton

the Displaced, or a History of Maritime Advances, or a Discussion of my Personal Identity in the Context of the Americas

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            I read recently that Roberto Bolaño, who was both Chilean and Mexican felt that because he was a child of both, he was a child of no nation.   We Americans, of current generations, well, no, Americans of certain circles, understand such things.   I completely related to this, though I am, I would guess, more American than he is Mexican.  He immigrated as a youth, I was born and raised here, and in this multi-cultural era, all of us, of all faces, all tones, are to be named American (and that we use the name of two continents, that is a whole nother matter).  Sigue leyendo

Paco Vidarte. “El banquete uniqueersitario: Disquisiciones sobre el s(ab)er queer”

* Publicado en David Córdoba, Javier Sáez y Paco Vidarte (eds.). Teoría Queer. Políticas bolleras, maricas, trans, mestizas, Barcelona, Egales, 2005.
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Entrevista a Christina H. Sommers

«La mayoría de las mujeres quieren sus derechos, pero no están interesadas en entrar en guerra con nadie» Sigue leyendo

Who says women never lie about Rape? Cathy Young

The “believe the woman” zealotry promoted by Juanita Broaddrick‘s defenders is bad for feminism. Sigue leyendo